Key Products
Lauryl Glucoside
Decyl Glucoside
Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate
Menthyl Lactate (Cooling Agent)
Sensehot (Warming Agent)
Natural Fruit extracts/Anti-Ageing Agents
Zinc Pyrithione 48-50%
Akoactive Coral Milk
  Welcome to Chemspark
  We are the Exclusive Distributors of various companies offering products to different industries like personal and oral care,agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, rubber chemicals, tyres, etc. and strive to cater to customer’s requirements on just-in-time basis by stocking the products at our warehouse. It is always our endeavor to ensure timely supplies at most competitive prices.

Backed by a rich industry experience of 27 years, we have gained a remarkable reputation in the market by providing a quality range of products comprising of Cosmetics, Agro-chemical and Pharmaceutical raw materials. The key products in our range includes Skin Lightening agents and enhancers, Biodegradable NonIonic Green Surfactants. Cooling and Warming Agent, UV Absorbers, Mild Surfactants, Anti-Dandruff Actives, Preservatives, Anti-Acne Agent, Conditioners, Emulsifiers, Fragrance Fixative and Thickeners.